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I need HELP !!!! in identifying razor head parts for Merkur and Maggard

I ordered a Maggard V3 razor head which I wanted to try on different handles.
I purchased a Techichi Gladius very heavy 108g handle. I didn't like it because it was too heavy so I am exchanging it for a Techichi Rapier handle. In the process of switching Merkur heads from a Merkur 23C and Maggard V3 heads and various handles, I lost track of which head parts (both tops and base plates) were which and now I can't at a glance tell which head parts belong to Merkur and which belong to Maggard. Are there any stampings or trademarks on the heads which can tell me which base plate goes with wich top plate? It seems there should be some stampings, numbers or logos on these parts. I know that Merkur has a logo of the God Mercury on their box. I don't see that on the razor parts.

I also noticed this. If you look at the holes in the base plates on both of these razors, the holes that are drilled through the base plates do not appear to be perfectly round, but very slightly oval. Is this normal? H E L P !!!!!!

Thank you
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