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I miss School

I've been out of school for almost 5 years now but I kinda miss it.

Anyone else ???

Well, I've been out of school since 1968! :laugh:

I did not miss school at first, but shortly after reporting to work I realized how easy life was in college. Working a real job was relentless! Like 40 credit hours. No "easy" days with a morning or afternoon off. You didn't get to do a reset and restart twice a year. Responsibilities carried right on through.

So yes, I did miss school for quite a while. But now I am retired and don't miss school or work!
I always miss school when I'm out for too long. It feels good to be learning something, even when the load becomes difficult to handle. Have you been out of college... highschool... other?
I definitely miss school. Ten years passed between earning my BA and Masters. I hope that much time doesn't pass before I get my Ph.D.
I'm 50. I hated school. All of it, including college. Don't miss it a bit. Most of the learning that has advanced my life is self taught. I've been self-employed for 20 years and couldn't even imagine getting a J-O-B. I've known a lot of "professional students" in my time. I'm pretty sure I'm smarter than most of them.
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I miss school for the social side of it. I'm taking night classes to to get my MBA right now and it's a lot of work. I will not miss the late nights and busy weekends when I'm finally done!
I finished university in 1996. I don't really feel like work's all that much different. I'm still learning new things and socializing a lot.
I have been out of school for almost a calender year now and i throughly miss it and have come to the rough realization that the real world sucks!
I took a year off between my BA-MA, and my MA-PhD, and in each of those years, though I gained practical life skills, I also realized that my calling is to be a teacher. So not all perma-students are in it to delay life; rather, we're in it because this is our life.
Lord no I do not miss it. I've been out 11 years and still have the occasional nightmare about final exams.
Did the college thing twice. The second time was when I really enjoyed the course work from many of the classes. It was also great for me to be with a bunch of people who were enthusiastic about our course of study. And that's what I really miss about school, the people I met there.
Finished grad school in 2007 and am back in for a PhD. I missed academia terribly, and I'm lucky to have a job in which the desire to go back to grad school is applauded and very useful.
I miss not having a mortgage, a full time job that I must report to, fewer responsibilities, etc. The only thing I don't miss is being childless. Love my baby girls.
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