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Hypochlorous Acid - Any Other Fans?

I just discovered hypochlorous acid after my ophthalmologist suggest I apply it to my eyelids for contact-lens-related dry-eye symptoms. I found it works on mosquito bites and sunburn as well. Then my teenage daughter found it helps with occasional breakouts on her face. I have been using it all over my face, typically post-shave, for weeks now and it has cleared up all the mild redness my skin typically has (not shaving irritation, although when I do get that hypochlorous acid definitely helps).

Just curious if anyone else has heard of this or if they're using it. I get an 8oz spritz bottle on the 'Zon for about $16.
I use a few products with Glycolic, Mandalic and Azelaic acid. They are mild exfoliaters. The acid you mentioned is an exfoliater but is used as antiseptic. Anything that helps smooth your skin will result in better shaves.
I don't have much experience but used it for an infection our late cat used to have. It seemed to help and I wondered why it's not used more in general given what it is. I kind of forgot about it until now.
$16 for an 8oz. bottle is a total rip off. The product can be produced for pennies!

Do a YouTube search on

Hypochlorous Acid.​

There are several YouTube videos showing generators that do this.


They can be purchased on Amazon. This one is on sale for $60.

"Hypochlorous acid is an acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water, and itself partially dissociates, forming hypochlorite, ClO⁻. HClO and ClO⁻ are oxidizers, and the primary disinfection agents of chlorine solutions. Wikipedia"

Formula: HClO

Basically, you add a small amount of salt to water and turn the machine on.
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