How many shaves per blade?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Badgerstate36, Mar 12, 2018.

    How many shaves is everyone getting out of the FAC and Kai blades with their SE? I get at least 6 shaves out of those blades in my Feather Artist Club and was wondering how long they go in an SE.
  1. Tokyospike

    Tokyospike Contributor

    I just went 18 with a Schick Proline; last year went 22 with a KAI Mild. Normally, I use a blade for 2 weeks (up to 12 shaves) then change - quite sure I could do this with Feather Pro or Pro Super as well. Never tried the guarded blades.
  2. I get about 7 in an SE razor, but in the Feather SS I went to about 14 or 15 (although I wasn't using the SS for the entire shave, so I guess it's not a good comparison). The blade I use is the Schick Proline.
  3. captp

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    I generally go 20+ shaves with Feather Pro and Pro Super, same with Kai Captain Mild.
  4. Cool. I honestly think that I could get a month's worth of shaves out of a SE.

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