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How many shaves per blade?

How many shaves is everyone getting out of the FAC and Kai blades with their SE? I get at least 6 shaves out of those blades in my Feather Artist Club and was wondering how long they go in an SE.


I just went 18 with a Schick Proline; last year went 22 with a KAI Mild. Normally, I use a blade for 2 weeks (up to 12 shaves) then change - quite sure I could do this with Feather Pro or Pro Super as well. Never tried the guarded blades.
I get about 7 in an SE razor, but in the Feather SS I went to about 14 or 15 (although I wasn't using the SS for the entire shave, so I guess it's not a good comparison). The blade I use is the Schick Proline.