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How many flair-tip Super Speeds do you have?

I awoke to the fact that I have seven, not including the two redtips that I also have. Not exactly sure how that happened, except that I really enjoy rescuing dirty razors from wherever I can and cleaning them. Sorta like rescuing a dog from the city pound. Maybe there should be new acronym in the wiki: "RCD" for Razor Cleaning Disorder.
2, the second brought within 2 days of the first, i also suffer from RCD, you should start a before and after post and showcase your cleaning prowess :)
I have several flare super tips. I have had up to five or six at one time, but usually pif them to friends cause they are such a great razor for a beninnger.
3. 1 workhorse shaver (64), a mint birth year razor, and a black handle that I bought NOS and yet had to open it and shave with it.
I have 14.

3 - 1954
2 - 1955, a red tip and a blue tip
1 - 1956
1 - 1957
2 - 1958 TV special
1 - 1959
1 - 1960
1 - 1966
1 - 1967 black handle
1 - 1972 black handle

I have one true flare tip superspeed...then a flare tip black handle, and a flare tip red tip superspeed...so total of 3...with one original flare tip...

____________________________ <-- bottom line
I have a bunch too. I actually enjoy shaving with them sometimes as a change of pace.
I had a plan to get one from each year (letter) of the run of all of the US Super Speeds. I'm still a long ways off from completing that collection. Throw in the Blue, Red, Black (and Tan) tipped versions, and you have a large numbers of razors to collect. Kind of like putting together a set of coins for a penny collection! Add in the UK variants, and it is like putting together a silver dollar collection.
Anyone out there have a complete year set of SS razors (Guido)?

I own 15. When i find them at antique stores for $3, I just have to snag them up.

Now I'm ready for the anti-collecting flaming to begin.:001_smile

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