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How do you store your loose tucks of DE blades?

I've been using this modified toothbrush holders. Lucked out on the dimensions as it holds two tucks side by side perfectly with 8 tucks on each side for a total of 16 tucks. For loose blades I've combined 20 brands in sequence of 100 blades..so same brand comes up every 20'th pick (orange dispenser).



Also lucked out on this being stackable


How do you deal with your tucks?
I usually buy them in sleeves of 100 so they come in their own container, but for the stray/random/mixed ones I just stack them up (its not an issue for me as I only have 4-5 tucks of random blades. They are usually freebies I get with a purchase, I prob will never use them, but it feels wrong to chuck out a perfectly good tuck of blades.
the cigar box is actually a great idea, some cigar boxes are quite nice (nice wooden ones etc).

I used to really love Macanudo cigars before a health thing made me give them up. I wonder if their boxes would fit?
I bought this Cigar Humidor at a Garage sale for $2.00(lucked out) and it keeps the bulk of my blades and also a Tin box from another garage sale holds some also. As my Razor collection grew my SE blade inventory also grew & so did storage room needs.
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Have some great shaves
I guess I'm lazy, or maybe just disorganized. Mine are in a smallish, open cardboard box that some soap was shipped in. It sits on the top shelf of my closet. The box has been there about five years and the blades are doing just fine. Sometimes when I need a new tuck, I reach up and pull one out at random. Seems to work. :biggrin1:
Ye Olde Dresser Drawer! Pretty low tech. I keep each brand in their own zip-lock bag and put those zip-lock bags into a large freezer bag with some silica gel packs.
I found that the box for my old LG G7 Thinq pretty much perfectly holds 60 5-blade tucks, so I filled it and put it in a ziplock freezer bag to keep humidity out.
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