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How do you go about restoring a brass handle brush?

My SBAD has taken a new dimension and I'm waiting on a Silvertip knot from Larry's to restore an old Ever-Ready 250. In the meantime, I took a look at this old brush and thought it would be ideal for a restore. However, I don't see these reknotted as often and wanted to see if they're as straightforward to reknot as the standard brush handles. The bristles on this brush are very soft but it sheds like a Persian cat and I think either a badger in fine or silvertip should spruce it up.

The thing is solid and I think it would be similar than doing a regular reknot but once you get in them, you never know. That's why I'm curious to ask.
No real difference from restoring a plastic handle, imho. I restored an aluminum Rubberset not too long ago and I drilled out the old knot the same as any other brush I have worked on. A lot of the plastic handled brushes have metal rings on the inside, so I have been going up against metal quite often.

Only one way to find out, cut the knot out and drill it out of the handle. The only problem I see is that you would not be able to open up the bore to accept any size knot.
It should be really pretty when polished and restored.
I have not reknotted mine but I know for a fact that they will take an amazing shine. I put mine on my buffer but some maas should make it a mirror shine too. Post some pic cause it will turn out VERY shiny.
I put a new knot in a heavy brass handle for my brother, he is a big dude and I decided to put a bunch of nickels in it to make it even heavier, it turned out great, it is quite heavy too. I cut the old knot and drilled it out like normal, I just really took my time because I wanted it to turn out nice. I did many restores when I first started because they were cheaper and fun to do, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, I am lame when it comes to documenting things.

Your brass handle is a great candidate for a new knot, good luck!

Here is a picture of an aluminum handle restore I did with a TGN finest knot.

$Dubl Duck.jpg
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