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How do you dry your brush.am I doing it wrong?

I have noticed with other similar threads that people dry their brushes after a shave by shaking it a couple times then just practically wiping it with a towel. I tend to rinse mine out under the water using the palm of my hand and swirling the brush like I would to make a lather then I will shake it out and then swirl it again without too much pressure on my towel and then just let it air dry in my bedroom (which has a dehumidifier). Is this way wrong? Will I wreck the brush by doing this? It just worried me that no one else has explained them doing this process and now am reconsidering it.
I always rinse mine out under warm or hot water like you said, scrubbing on my palm etc. Shake it out really good, swirl it on a towel, getting it to bloom out, then hang it upside down in the stand.
I do almost the identical routine with my brushes, sometimes hand them by the rack I built or sit them on top of the rack in between the hanging brush... Hadn't notice any problems with the three years under been doing this, and haven't notice a difference in hanging or standing on it's handle. Both ways seem to dry in about the same amount of time. As long as your not just abusing your brushes or leaving soaking wet when putting them up you shouldn't have a problem.
FWIW, I rinse it thoroughly, squeezing the water out repeatedly while rinsing. When I'm finished rinsing, I squeeze as much water out as I can and hang it on a brush stand. As to the OP's original question, i can't see any harm coming from his method of drying.
Sounds to me like a good routine. The only difference between my routine and your routine is that I hang my brush in a cheap acrylic brush stand. I also leave them in the bathroom. Do you need to hang your brush? Not really. You should not have any problems with what you are doing.


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I don't think it's wrong if you don't notice any problems with the brush.

I wash the brush under cold water and get the lather out. I squeeze it in the sink and shake it in the shower a dozen times. I then let it air dry.
I gently squeeze from the bottom up. And then use the lathering motion in my hand. Rinse it again with the shower head and then shake it till all the water I can shake is out. I'll check to see no more soap is in it and then paint brush style wipe it against a towel. Then it hangs for a day or two.
I use my brush to clean out my scuttle and then use my scuttle to clean out my brush. I hold the scuttle under the running water and swish the brush, emptying the water 2 or three times till the water remains clear when I swish. Then I shake it out firmly into the shower (so I can stay married) and then wipe it with a towel before hanging it or setting it on its base to dry.
I rinse it thoroughly by running warm water throwout the bristles until the water comes out clear (avoids excess residue), grab the knot at the base, and shake it. I then run it through a cotton towel and grab the base of the knot and shake it out again until I feel no more water droplets. I use a dry part of the towel to splay the bristles evenly. I then hang it for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours in a well ventilated area. After the 12-24 hours, I just place it on it's base and let it continue to dry in a ventilated area until I use it again which would not take long, I do not have many brushes in my rotation.

I undertand that there is a put it on its base vs. not debate, but I just try to make the best of both worlds and is what has been working for my brushes.
Shake, no towel.

Will I wreck the brush by doing this?
Seems unlikely to me.

It just worried me that no one else has explained them doing this process and now am reconsidering it.
There are countless methods that have not been discussed that would not harm a brush. Just keep an eye on your brush. If you're damaging it you will notice the damage.
I run my brush under warm water gently pump the knot to squeeze out the soap. Then I give it a gentle shake, then swirl on a towel to bring the bloom out.
I use warm water. Much like a pint brush the lather travels u into the bristles like paint into a brush. To properly rinse this out you need to gently push the end of bristles down against something while running under water. I do it in the palm of my hand. After doing this for a good amount of time I shake the brush in the tub like im throwing it softly but of course i dont let go. Then i rapidly brush it back and forth against a dry towel. Before i hand it i grab handle and spin between my hands..again just like a paint brush. Look ta top of not to make sure bristles are separated..if not there is still product in the knot and it needs further rinsing. Yes I am a bit ocd... lol
Depending on the brush, I will have to splay it out a bit to rinse out the soap. But then I shake off excess water and dry tips on towels. Badger and boar are usually dry in 24 hours and synthetic in 12.
I have my own question. I have an Omega 49, no stand.
Will it be a problem leaving it standing up to finish drying, after of course rinsing, shaking and brushing across a towel to get as much moisture as possible out?
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