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How do you all feel about Cremo EdTs?

I've just started branching out from aftershave into EdTs to add a somewhat longer lasting scent. And by "just," I mean I've bought a couple bottles Fine EdT (American blend and Platinum) and a bottle of Cremo (cedar and cypress). I find myself more drawn to the Cremo-it lasts longer, is overall a milder smell and my wife seems to prefer it. I was thinking about branching out to some of their other scents, and I wondered if any of you gents have experience with them or use them regularly.


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No experience here sorry. Out here in Australia I have yet to see any Cremo products for sale. if I did find some I would definitely try them out as they do get plenty of love here on the forum.
I picked up Distiller’s Blend at Marshall’s but I haven’t worn it yet. It’s got big vetiver blast. But I can’t say much about the dry down yet.
Have three Cremos...Bourbon Oak, Blue Cedar Cypress and Palo Santo. Each are good, if I have one critique...all three are too linear, at least for me. But I keep on wearing, and enjoying them. There is a citrus musk version I want, but eBay sellers want about twice what Walmart and Target ask for the current Cremo EDTs. Cremo has a good thing going...quality and value. You can certainly do worse, like most of the nonsense the department stores are having trouble selling.
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I have three EdTs:

Distillers Blend - The vetiver is very strong to my nose in this after the booze blast fades (about 2 minutes after spraying it). This is a formal scent to me, just need to wait 2 minutes after spraying before walking out the house :001_tongu .

Blue Cedar and Cypress - Don't really get much other than the cypress which is not a bad thing. This is more of a casual scent for me.

Spice and Black Vanilla - LOVE this! It opens very spicy and a little sweet then dries down to a very strong (at least to me) dark vanilla scent. This is another casual scent for me.

I love each of them and they last anywhere from 7 - 12 hours for me; more if sprayed on clothes - I have smelled the spice and black vanilla 3 days later on a sweater I was wearing when I sprayed it.
Only have Palo Santo, and I really like it. Surprisingly well made, decent quality materials in it, and it adopts a creamy floral tone in the drydown that works nicely for after a wetshave.
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