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I wanted to get some suggestions on why I developed this razor rash/burn today. So I have a beard going right now. I usually keep it trimmed at the neck and cheeks. So last night I busted out with my Dubl Duck and changed my angle to that of basically no angle. I have been reading in barber books and here that no angle is what was taught so to speak. So last night im working and notice my neck is really itching and it feels like a heat rash. So I get home after my 13hr shift and notice my neck is completely red with bumps. I didnt have any resistance while shaving, in fact the hairs basically wiped clean. I did the usual 2 pass. The only difference was that I didnt do the 30 degree angle. Could using basically a 5 degree angle have given this much irritation?

Thats my story...
YMMV. Obviously, this experiment of yours did not work. I'd throw out the books which recommended the technique that resulted in a red neck. Even if they are approved texts for barbers, it's bunk.
Never take what other people say with full credibility. That's the great thing about shaving. We all have our own styles and techniques. Things that work well for me, might end up leaving someone else bleeding everywhere. We can give advice but you have to learn what's best for you. After trial and error, I have learned what works best for me and I would have difficulty tell someone else what will work for them. I shave via touch and feel and less sight, but some work only on sight and others a mix of both. It's what makes shaving so unique to all of us.
Sounds like you wandered from your tried and true.... I was not paying attention one day and used next to no angle on the straight.... nasty razor burn... went back to my angle and everything was great after that
If the book said barbers of old were taught to shave with next to no angle, then that's what it said. That notwithstanding, I have a hard time imagining that's actually a good idea, as you're finding out. At that point, you're doing more scraping than cutting. Give your neck a few days to heal, then go back to your old angle. Evidently it was working for you, and you tried fixing what wasn't broken...and broke it.
Just because someone wrote a book does not make that person an authority. There are books in all areas that are considered to be the authorities, and others that are considered to be less than authoratative.

It may well be that your old barber book is simply wrong.
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