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How are the Gillette Perma Sharp, Rapira, Ladas, Voshkod blades?

How do the Perma Sharp, Rapira, Ladas and Voshkod blades compare to the other russian blades?

For example Astra SP, Gillette Platinum, Super Stainless, GSB, Nacet etc.
They're just ok for me compared to the Nacet blades for me. Nacets are probably my all time favorites

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I haven't used Ladas, but the Voskhod feel very similar to Astra SP. The Perma-Sharps are very good and are on par with Nacet and Polsilver.
Perma-Sharp Supers are great sharp smooth blade, I prefer them over Nacets. Voshkods are a great everyday blade (for me) not as sharp, but smooth and forgiving. Sorry I haven’t tried the other blades.
For me, the perma-sharp supers and voskhods are good blades. Rapira were not very good. I haven't tried Ladas. The nacets were absolute trash for me. Those were so dull I thought I had been pranked.

Only other comment to add is that the Voskhods don't last as long as the perma-sharps.
The GSBs are my top blade followed by the Gillette PermaSharp golds. The Astra SPs are in my top 5 blades. The Gillette platinums are a good one for me. Voskhods are only okay for me though they might rank higher if they didn’t have quality control issues. Namely one side being sharper than the other in my experience. The rest of them I haven’t tried yet
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