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Honing work surface

Guys, I found this product while I was surfing around the other day, and I thought it might make a nice surface for a honing work area.


I called the company to ask about them and they sent me a couple samples. They showed up today and I think they will make a nice mat to work on. They stick to my table really well, and even though they are thin they absorb water really fast. Anyway, I thought I would mention it in case anyone might be interested.

*edit* Here's what the stuff looks like...


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I'm not sure how long they are intended to last... but it looks pretty rugged. I'm guessing it's going to last a good while if I'm just using it to catch water and slurry, etc, from honing. You can peel them off and re-stick them too, so that kind of makes me think they are meant to be used for a while.
Sweet let is us know how they work out after a while of use. Another option is the cabinet lining material with a towel under it.
Ok... will do. I just sprayed about 40 or 50 sprays from my water bottle on it, and it sucked it right up... almost feels dry after a couple minutes.
Looks interesting! I usually have a silicone baking mat under the stone holder. Keeps most of the slurry & mess away from the table..
This looks absorbent and water/liquid proof.

I was testing it more tonight and poured about a cup of water (more than you would ever have sloshing off your stone at one time) on it, slowly but all at once. It becomes saturated at a point, and the water spread out, but the mat absorbed it. About 5 minutes later the mat just feels damp to the touch. It has a thin, rubber-ish coating on the bottom, so when I peel back the mat, my table is completely dry underneath.

There's lots of things you could use for a mat. I like the silicon sheet idea. I had just been using a towel up until now. I kind of like these grippy mats though. I'm going to keep playing around with it.
Just a quick follow-up about this... I have used the mat a few times. Light amounts of water, like the amount you use when honing, absorbs quickly, dries and mat is ready for re-use. Looks like each mat will be able to be used many times.
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