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I'll jump right in with my introductory thread. I'm Zach, and I visited here about a year and a half ago just researching what witch hazel is. I started reading and completely changed the way I shave because of it. Like a lot of us, I was a 'goo' devotee, and dreaded shaving. Now, I use a brush and a cake of soap, and shaving is somewhat enjoyable now. I still use the fusion 5 blade razor, because I like it. I've yet to try a DE, but if I can find one without buying it, I'll give it a shot. I'm also a big fan of Mantic59 on Youtube. I've learned tons from his vids.
Zach, I'll make it easy for you. Send me a PM with your mailing address, and I'll PIF you a Gillette Knack DE razor and a few packs of Derby blades.
Consider it a gift welcoming you to B&B!
Welcome to B&B! And now that you've got a DE razor in your mail please don't buy replacement heads for that cartridge razor anymore :biggrin1:
Welcome to B&B. I also used a brush and soap with a fusion for quite a while. Switching to DE shaving was a big upgrade. Once you try it, I can't imagine going back to the cartridges.
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