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Hi Everybody!

Hi everyone, have been lurking in the Beards & Moustaches forum for a little while now doing some reading and thought I'd say hello :001_smile

I signed up to take part in Movember again this year, and have decided that at the end of the month me and my bristle buddy shall stick together.

I previously rocked a mo' back in 2008 for around a year before parting ways, and then again in 2014 for a month when I took part in Movember for the first time.

I wasn't too sure what style of mo' to go for as it grows, but after reading the Handlebar Moustache Guide that [MENTION=64719]Thu'umhammer[/MENTION] started, the handlebar seems the way to go :thumbsup:

It has only been 7 days since starting the grow, and it still looks like I've forgotten to wash under my nose, but all things come to those who wait, and this is no exception.

Have already ordered some wax (Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax Expedition Strength) and an EJ comb, but probably won't need them for a couple of weeks yet, given how slowly my nose neighbour seems to grow.

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Wax and comb arrived in the post a few minutes ago :thumbsup:

Can't wait until it grows enough to be able to use them! :w00t: