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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by MVD1, Jan 13, 2018.

    I picked up a red ring for $20 this morning and have a silly question: where is the red ring?

    Is the razor I grabbed still a red ring or is something missing? The Sheffield name and PAT are on it, but the cap has some plating loss. Any thoughts on this razor that I know very little about? Good shaver?

    20180113_101102.jpg 20180113_101137.jpg

    Thanks for any feedback.

  1. I have seen that razor with 2 different types of caps one with a design and one plain. It has been a few years since I last had one. The razor is a great shave. Enjoy using it.
  2. Northstonehill

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    This is an awesome shaver, enjoy!

    It is a mild shaver, but efficient, and what stands out the most to me is that the strange bar setup - a solid bar but with big fin-like combs - gives quite a unique sense on the skin when shaving. Very nice actually.

    The other things that I really like is quite high audio, it sings! - and then how nimble it is to use. It moves around my face so easily.

    As regards the red ring it seems that some of these have the colored ring, other don’t. Also seems that some of them are 3-piece while others are a 2-piece. Mine is a 2-piece with the red ring mostly intact.

    Finally, and importantly I think, some have a truly gorgeous art deco engraving on the top plate. Mine unfortunately doesn’t and yours neither, from I can tell from the photos. I really would like this :crying: as it puts the final visual touch on a very very beautiful razor.

    Incidentally, 20 dollars is an absolute steal for this razor, consider yourself fortunate. I paid a lot (a lot!) more for mine, though it is in quite better shape also.

    Just hurry into your den and try it out, I am sure that you will like it a lot :a14:
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  3. Getting a Red Ring for $20 is an amazing deal. As mentioned the red ring comes and goes over the production life of the razor, as does the Art Deco sun & moon on the cap. I have a pair of them and find that they give an excellent shave. They're pretty mild (and I have mine set to their mildest setting) and they never disappoint.
  4. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    A pair?! - You got a pair?! ... You lucky dog :punk:
  5. Dragonsbeard

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    Well first off getting any Red Ring for $20 is a steal to say the least. I have 5 currently in my collection. 3 have the Sunburst engraved on the top cap and the other two are like yours and don't. There were some made without the Red Ring painted at the bottom of the handle and on the magnet on the very bottom. All 5 of mine are on there way to Cap to be painted. One was replated back in 2014 by a guy named Kris Krona who electroplated in Chrome which I believe is almost next to impossible to find any longer. It is stunning to say the least but if he was the one who painted the Red Ring he used the wrong color as it's a plain Red which is not correct. One of the others still has a trace of the correct Red ring color left but it is really common according to Cap that a lot of them just faded away. I happen to like the Red Ring so that's one reason I'm sending all of mine out to Cap.

    I think that the fact that you only paid $20 gives you a few options in my opinion.
    1. Clean it up and leave it as it is and just enjoy the shaves. There are two different models and one is more efficient than other and I believe if memory serves me right the older models are the more efficient shavers than the newer models which are milder. I know I have both as I've noticed a difference in shaves with 3 of the 5 I've shaved with.
    Also if you decide to keep it as is and you want the Red Ring painted just send it out to Cap. He has the correct color and his prices are very reasonable and a great guy to do business with.

    2. No disrespect but as one poster said yours is not in mint conditon and the fact you can't have it replated in chrome and I don't know if anyone would touch it as far as doing a replate in any other finish so why not have some fun with it and get it stripped and gun coated. Send it to Scott at North Shore or Delta Echo and have a Gun coating put on it in 2 or 3 colors. I have one of mine which I'd call in very good conditon but not as good as all my others and I've been contemplating doing a Gun coating on it just for fun of it. I did that with one of my NEW Deluxe Big Boys that was in user grade and it looks awesome. Not sure what Delta charges but I know Scott at North Shore is very reasonable and has quick turnaround times as well.

    Just a couple of suggestions.
  6. What can I say, the gods smiled. One is real minty and has it's box, the other's cap alignment posts are brassed. Only the minty one has a red ring, both have the sun and moon. RedRing.jpg
  7. Dragonsbeard

    Dragonsbeard Contributor

    Very nice and you have the shipper which is a bonus. I have one where the posts are brassed to and that’s the one I’m considering for a guncoating.
  8. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    Nice!!! - Never saw the shipper before, really cool to have that. Congrats.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback!

    This is a great idea. When you say people wouldn't be likley to touch it for a replate, I am curious as to why? Couldn't the chrome be stripped so that it could be done in nickel or rhodium? Or is this impossible with this razor? It is too bad the cap is in such bad shape on this one.

    Cheers, and thanks for the info.
  10. Dragonsbeard

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    The problem and the reason I said that was that working with Chrome is toxic and a lot of the platers won't touch it any longer so there is the problem. Believe me I've gone over this more than a couple of times looking for someone who would replate one of my Red Rings that has on post that is brassing and it bothers me as the razor is in really good condition other than that.

    With Gun coating it's a whole different process on removing the chrome as they sandblast it rather than use a chemical. What is cool to me is you never see razors like a Red Ring gun coated because most feel that they are rare which they are and if they are in mint or near mint conditon that should be left as is. I love yours because to me it's the perfect candidate for a gun coating. I'm almost certain I'm going to do one of mine.
    If you need contact info just PM me

    Take care!
  11. Great razor! I would also vote for a gun coating.
  12. If you have it done, please post before & after pics. I'd love yo see it.
  13. Esox

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    I'm going to keep reading that until it makes sense to me lol.

    Lucky. Very lucky.
  14. Well the rasor worth exactly USD $16.08 to be precise
    Our member is in Canada and he paid Canadian funds. :001_tt2:
  15. Esox

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    Thats an even better deal...maybe, than my $19.85CAD Gillette Regent lol.
  16. Oh, you're in Canada too, lol!
    Sadly, he got a better deal! :001_tt2: :001_tt2:
  17. Esox

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  18. I am thinking I will go the North Shore or Delta Echo route...but probably keep it looking more like an original red ring with a light silver finish and red at the bottom (a bit boring, but I like it) If so, I will post the finished pics. I will be in Maui in August and may time it so I can potentially do a pick-up in person.

  19. Dragonsbeard

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    2613999D-3FEE-4091-BF55-1EC6996AD134.jpeg AB05217E-2F30-4CBC-AED1-13F9DD9C138A.jpeg 815CDC9A-1FAD-4161-B162-8E3C610BBD5A.jpeg 9A7EFA7E-E595-4A4A-BA5C-583A227B3A52.jpeg Here’s a Parker Variant and a NEW Deluxe Big Boy that Scott at North Shore did for me. On the NEW I had Scott use two colors and on the Parker we used two colors and highlighted with Red. I may do something similar to my Red Ring only with more Red detail. I like the combo because to me it’s not stock looking but
    It a crazy color combo either so I thought you might like to take a look.

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