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Help me choose a new Boar Brush.

The 620 is a dedicated face-lathering brush par excellence. The 610 is of similar dimensions, but with a different face feel. Those are two favorite boar brushes for me.

The 620 will start out quite stiff, but with time will develop a nice plush feel along with good backbone. It's a winning combination.

The 830 is a slightly longer lofted brush that can be used more easily for bowl lathering when desired.

Zenith boars are not necessarily expensive. My B03-A26 is similar in size to an Omega 49 and costs only a few dollars more than the 49 (from Yourshaving.com in Spain). The Zenith has a nifty aluminum clad handle, too. It's another favorite brush.
FYI, the Spanish shaving website Your Shaving has highly reasonable prices and an excellent selection of Zenith brushes
Thanks for the tip, I didn't know of yourshaving. I might pick up a Zenith, they are much cheaper here than I have seen them elsewhere.
Well, I've been using the Semogue 620 almost exclusively for a few weeks and I thought I'd better report back. Mind you, this is the only boar that I have used so I can only compare it to my badgers.

I like it! It has changed my lathering routine a little since this little brush does not lend itself to bowl lathering which I have used in the passed.

It does pick up soap well after a warm soaking during the shower (shake out excess H20 first).
I've been learning how to face lather. The boar experience is different but going well.

This brush does not create a lot of volume like the badgers do but I think that any lather deeper than the height of the whisker is just showing off anyway. I think the boar lather is richer due to a higher percentage of soap to water/bubbles. It works great!

I have had no issues with the stench that some have had. I have noticed a few bristles have com loose but not many.

The brush looks a little like a cat that just got pulled from the river after it has been used but I like looking at it in my small shave arrangement. It looks nice!

I welcome all fans of boar brushes. In my small collection there are four Omega. 10108 boars - one of my favorites.

On the Omega website I saw a very similar brush 20106. Can you tell me how it differs from 10108? Thank you in advance.
Zach's "A Beginner's Guide to Boar Brushes / The Science of Boar"

(which I referred to in my post above)

... Was originally posted on "ShaveMyFace" in 2009.

It was subsequently copied to various other sites, and has achieved legendary status as a manifesto on boar shaving brushes of sorts.

I just had a look around, and these days it seems much harder to find, than when I first read it some seven years ago.

Zach has also written other very read-worthy things, among them on "the Psychology of shaving brushes", and a great interview about his shaving biography, being influenced by his dad who immigrated to New York from Greece (I think)
Back then, "there was one kind of soap, and it was called "soap" ...." etc ....

Can I get a link to this book?
Can I get a link to this book?
I did insert the link above, but a Badger&Blade "moderator" removed it again..!!
The moderator stated that we are not allowed to link from here to competing sites. I shall refrain from commenting here on that way of running a discussion forum. As for Zach's guide, it is fairly easy to find by yourself, if you search the net (or perhaps more narrowly just the "ShavemyFace" forum where it originally occurred in 2009), searching on the title.
On the Omega website I saw a very similar brush 20106. Can you tell me how it differs from 10108?
I can't answer this question for you, but I have a similar question for you:
On the photo you posted, I see the 10108 (red) and 10066 (white) right next to each other. So I assume you have experience with both..?
If so, How would you say these two brushes compare ..?
The 10066 is one of my all time favourite brushes. I think the 10108 is very pretty, looks like a very attractive handle, but I have no experience with it. Almost bought one at one point, but then put it off. So I just wonder if the knot on the 10108 is stiffer than the 10066, has more "backbone" than the 10066..?
If yes, I think I will pass on it, as I already own several boars with more backbone than the 10066.
If backbone is identical to the 10066, or even slightly less than the 10066, I am afraid I will have to order a 10108 and try one for myself.
Also, on your photo, it looks like the knot on the 10108 is slightly bigger than the 10066. Is that so ..? Or, is it just the handle that is taller ..?
Or to ask a more open question, how would you describe the differences you see between these two brushes ..?
Hope to hear your verdict - thanks!
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It's a shame you don't like the finished wood handles, I think the SOC boar is an amazing bowl brush, and the first one I would recommend.

It's also a shame because it's my favorite handle - and if you're disagreeing with me you're no doubt on the wrong side of the argument!:c1:
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