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Help identify, please.

Can some one please identify this blade for me. I like it a lot and need to get some more, but I don't know what it is or where I got it.


That is a razor blade.

Oh, you mean which one? That is a Crystal, made in Israel by Personna. They are sometimes referred to by some as Israeli Personna (or IPs). But sometimes people mean something else when they say, IP, so I think calling them by their proper name, Crystal, is best. They come in different looking boxes, but I think they are all the same if they say Crystal on them.

BTW, I find them a pretty good, middle of the road, blade. They seem to work fine in all my razors.
Thanks guys.

If I do my part and whip up a good batch of thick lather, I get a good quantity of smooth shaves with this blade. I'll tell Santa.

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