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Hello from Maine

First post and happy to be aboard. Got interested in using a safety razor after listening to an interview with David Angelo. Bought myself a Western High Noon for Christmas, some Cremo and Nivea aftershave balm and haven't looked back. Granted, it takes a little longer but always brings back memories of watching my father shave in the morning. Interestingly, when he bought me my first razor, it was a Trac II, because that was the "up and coming thing" according to him. I didn't know what I was missing all these years.


On the lookout for a purse
Hello from WAY north NY! I have relatives in New Brunswick Canada and am quite familiar with Aroostook County.


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Welcome to the forum from Australia and thanks for taking the time to check in with us.
Hello and welcome! It sounds like you’ve taken right to it. I was the same way, having watched the men in my family using safety razors yet using a cartridge instead when I started. I “remembered” safety razors after being frustrated with cartridges and haven’t looked back.
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