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Hello All!

Greetings, Everyone! Greg here, checking in from Steubenville, Ohio. I took up wet shaving in my 40th year and will just be completing the first year here in a couple of months. Where, oh where, have you been my whole life, DE razor, shaving soap and brush?? I cannot believe how I look forward to shaving each morning. I bought the Merkur HD, an entry-level Col. Conk (Vulfix) pure badger brush, some Col. Conk soaps (Bay Rum and Almond) and a tube and tub of Proraso green. I am currently ready to scratch severe SSAD and ASAD itches. I plan to get a couple of PC's tallow soaps and some HBS shea/glyerine soaps as well as loading up on the Colonel's Bay Rum and Almond so that my arsenal is FULL for a long time to come. I also love traditional/old man/barbershop aftershaves. My go to's are Pinaud Clubman and AV, which my fiancee also happens to love on me. I also have some Masters, OS, and English Leather. Next up will be Brut, Skin Bracer, and maybe a Bay Rum. This is a freaking great hobby and way of life and it kinda makes me wish I had become a barber!

Take care and happy shaving!

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