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Head shave - questions concerning equipment

Hi, I dont know which razer blade to buy, I sold my two previous Mühle, as for a recent period Iv let my beard growing, these days I decided to go bald and stay bald, so need new tools and not entirely sure, which will be best products for head shaving, please try to note Your favourite products which You have good experiences with and that might be best bet, my budget for equipment is roughly 250 USD and I think I can get at this price range already something decent if I wont buy everything TOP luxury, but would save on shaving soap or cologne etc, just example I think understandable. Please, try and help me Out, I did the shaving by shavette at barber shop so no idea if I could be good with shavette on my own, I think it would been to difficult to do it myself. So The choice of at least 3 machines would been cool. Iv heard about company HeadBlade that do some modern looking gear like Lunar or how its called, but never heard of it and no idea if it does better work better shaving than really TOP razor blades. So will happily listen and follow to Your tips and advices. The tools and stuff will be Christmas gift for myself, note I dont want Mühle products, would love to try different brands now, available in EU if possible, thank You all in advance and Im sorry for my English... Not my first language.

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There is a head shavers thread on here, sorry but I don't know how to share the links. Hopefully someone who is more helpful to you will be along shortly.
I personally would not attempt a head shave using a shavette. Otherwise you should not need any special razor for the dome. My preferred razors on the head include Henson medium, Yates 921H, and Schick vintage injector. The Leaf razor is also very efficient on the dome as the pivoting head makes easy work of following the round contours of the skull.
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There is a head shavers thread on here, sorry but I don't know how to share the links. Hopefully someone who is more helpful to you will be along shortly.

You can use literally any razor to shave your head. I did that years ago, I'm not balding but I just wanted to shave something :straight:and decided to shave my head. I actually did this for 8 years. I wouldn't recommend a shavette instead get a mild razor and a good blade. I used the Merkur 34C HD with an Astra SP blade. I always took a shower and used olive oil as a pre shaving oil, the olive oil is the best shaving oil available and it's very cheap. There will be some hard spots like the back of the head, for those parts always use short strokes.
I started shaving my head a couple of years ago using various cart razors. Defender razor was my last one before I switched to the Leaf razor.

I liked the Leaf razor quite a bit and especially loved how you could use any DE blade with it. I eventually settled on using Feather blades with it. It’s a very mild razor.

I used it until it broke a month or two ago. The screw that tightens the blade head after putting in new blades got stripped out and rendered the Leaf razor useless.

I hurriedly ordered another Leaf razor on Amazon because I had to shave my head in a couple of days before work. But only being able to use it for a year or so before it broke got me thinking and wondering what else was out there.

So I ordered a Oneblade genesis. I loved how smooth it got my scalp….but didn’t love that it took me twice as long to shave. So it eventually got returned.

Around the same time the new High Proof razor was released. I bought one and fell in love with it. Paired with the right blade it makes head shaving effortless and effective. I’ve been getting the best shaves with it, regardless of blade. So far my two favorite blades are Perma-Sharp and Wizamet Super Iridium’s.

I highly recommend the Proof razor. Made in Montana and it does an excellent job, especially for head shaving.

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Been shaving the dome since 1996. Since 2018, wet shaving my head. My avatar over there is pretty accurate but he's got a better beard. :)

I like slant razors, so that's what I use. I have used shavettes, but my problem with them is that I don't use them often so it'll take me about an hour and a half to get a shave. Even though I'm retired, I've got other things I'd rather be doing like making bread and fooling with crystal radios. However, I can recommend a couple that I like: the Focus Al western-style and the Feather SR kamisori-style. Of the two the Feather is a nicer shavette to use; the western style ones always make me use funky grips so I can both shave and see what I'm shaving. I also have a Parker shavette, the Kai Luffy, a Chinese clone of a Kai, and a Chinese clone of a Feather SS. I have to admit the Parker has been relegated to the kitchen where it gets used to slash loaves before baking.

The Parker and the Focus are 1/2 DE shavettes while the others are all AC format. I mildly prefer the 1/2 DE models for head shaving. I also have a devette made from a RazoRock BBS-SB razor, which gets the most use of the naked-blade shavers. A T-shaped razor puts your hand in a better position not to block your sightlines when shaving your head, but you can adapt to anything if you want to. Well, maybe. I tried a Razorine and a Peroni and got bucked off by both of them. I may decide to try the RazoRock Switch but really, what is the definition of "insanity" anyway?

Head hair can be harder than face hair. Or not, of course; so evaluate your own. I find that a mild razor doesn't do what I want. Feels nice but leaves a lot of stubble even after buff, buff, buffing. I like the RazoRock Superslant in L2OC and L3SB versions, but there are a number of slants that I've reviewed here that work well. Look around for "The Tilted Picnic" review threads.

As for blades, I like the Astra SP the best (one hears the India production is as good as the old Russian) and Dorco Prime.

Gents... I have a son-in-law who is a DE head shaver. I want to set him up with some good blades and maybe a decent DE razor. Any suggestions? Thanks!
What I've use. All various razors and blades:
Adjustable Injector
Half DE
Gem Type
AC Type
DE Type

The more experience you have the more types you can use without any problems. Also if you use cream, soap, non-foaming gel, etc., it doesn't matter.
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