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Hasslinger Sheep Milk or any other...? (Pls help)

Yah, the sage is the darker blue puck.
I love the scent!

The lighter blue is the seaweed, which is a very pleasant scent but very subtle.
It also has a soothing post shave feel.
Good for those who experience post shave irritation.
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Schafmilch is an amazing soap, even without tallow, and conveys excellent post-shave feel, because it contains lanolin (and sheep's milk), which also means it's not a "vegan" soap.
Schafmilch smells like the sheep it comes from to me. At least, the tallow version did. I am not a fan based on the smell and quality of lather. For me, it does not live up to the reputation. I much prefer MWF or Schapenmelk from Cold River Soap Works.
Thanks for this! I was about to ask this question, since I just started using MWF and like it, but I have never tried Schafmilch.
Haslinger is a very good soap. Have a puck of the Marigold (new Vegan) up for tomorrow's shave, from the puck scent is very light. In the den there is Sandalwood Spa and Seaweed in old Tallow formula and really like them, the Spa andalwood has a strong scent way stronger than the rest of the line. Seaweed smells like my grandmother's bathroom, clean light soapy but decent.
Thanks for this thread - reminded me I had an untried tin in the cupboard, so that came out of hiding this morning.

If you like MWF, there's a good chance you'll like this - similar lather feel and consistency, but seemed easier to produce. I'm working on the theory that both of these prefer a softer brush so would go synth / badger / horse / boar in that order, but that's based on my experiences with The Fat and everyone seems to have different stories. Next time it shows its face I'll give it a whirl with a stiff boar.

Only tried it once so far, but based on that it's highly recommended.
Schaffmilch is a great place to start.
Meersaglen is a bit more moisturizing
My Schaffmilch is neat the bottom and Sage is my next Haslinger’s purchase.
I like their soaps.
Schaffmilch is the one. I still have pucks of the old formula that's why I haven't bought the newer one, but I heard good things as well.
I haven't tried the new vegan formula because I stocked up back in 2016 on a few pucks, but Haslinger (particularly schafmilch) has been my go-to soap for several years. I'd echo what someone said about it being MWF that's less finicky. Very creamy, good (not quite great) slickness, good post-shave. And a light scent that doesn't last too long to me and doesn't set off my very particular skin.

I like them because they're a very good performing, trustworthy soap that will (hopefully) be around for a very long time. I have some artisans whose soaps I like just as much but it's hard to know how long they'll be around for.
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