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Has anyone seen this item on e-bay?

Well they are in Hong Kong so it is an asian razor. The price is good indeed. It looks kinda cool with that orange handle. The head and guard look like nicely pressed aluminum foil! Can't be much weight on the top as a result. Not sure it would be much of a shave for that, but it is perty and I wouldn't mind having one to poke about!!

Any one buy/try these??
The guard looks like very thin stamped metal. I suspect it is easily damaged.

It's weight is 100gm, which is no lightweight. Must be nearly all in the handle but that isn't necessarily bad.

If your curiosity is high, the price is right, so give it a try and report back to us!
The typical problem is the tolerances are usually pretty lax. You may end up with one where the blade aligns perfectly - or one with a huge gap on one side. If you decide to get it, post some pics!
For £5 it's easy to get a british gillette (tech or NEW) from UK ebay though.
That base and head look very thin, not to mention the possibility of poor plating (may rust or wear quickly).
May be a great buy for a travel razor that doesn't get heavily used and doesn't matter if you lose it though. Though how could you lose it with that bright orange handle? :001_smile
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