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Hi Everyone
After reading these forums I took the plunge and bought a R89, it arrived today my birthday and I tried a shave with astra sp blades, I used some of my men expert gel to use up before i invest in a brush and soap. So I see now how fast gels dry on your face and soap or cream seems to be the way, my first shave was 3 passes and it shaved as good as my gillete sensor however after cleaning i noticed the underside of the top section was a gold colour and not as well finished as rthe rest of the razor, should I send it back to amazon for a replacement?.
Next up is some
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If it is defective send it back - It is chrome and it will spread. Muhle is a quality producer and will stand behind their product.
Sent back to amazon now, will order the plain jagger instead, £6 cheaper too, shame really as it was very nice. I thought the knurling would have been heavier.
First, welcome to B&B

Stick with another Muhle. The quality is a bit higher then with the Jagger with the same head. The difference is miniscule but comparing the same razor side by side, the Muhle does have a slight edge in fit and finish. This is said NOT to knock Jagger, just a personal observation since I have had both.

Muhle takes a little more time on the pre-plating polishing then most companies but like with any product that is produced in quantity sometimes something gets through that should have been tossed by the inspectors.
Hi all
Sent it back today and ordered the lined version of the ej89, hopefully that should be ok and will be here tommorow, just need a brush now.
The ej 89 lined arrived today and very nice it is, a bit heavier and all silver under the top with no gold colour showing through, funny enough the lined version feels grippier than the knurled muhle, so I just need to order a brush and practice the technique.
Hang in, I have this same razor and am enjoying using it. The smooth chrome handle is too slippery. That is why I got the lined handle.
The underside of the top section of my R89 that I received two weeks ago (direct from Muhle) also has the same issue. I didn't care to return the razor, but should I be concerned that this may gradually affect its durability with time?
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