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This is why you shouldn't trust ebay for a shave ready razor!

Here is a link to a fellow who has a razor listed as shave ready and that will pass the HHT. While I'm not an expert when it comes to straight razors, even I can notice a huge frown in this blade. I know when I was first looking into straights I looked at ebay for a shave ready razor. Glad I went with the BST! Thanks to the gentlemen who have bee helping me out. (Wid, Gamma, Neurotopia, and MileMarker60, and all who contribute to the Straight Razor Forums).

*whistles* I clicked on the link expecting to see a slight frown that could concievably miss! How could you try to sell something like that?
It's definitely not a good blade. If you look closely, you can see the hone wear pattern matches the frown. I think that blade belongs in the bin.
When I click on the provided e-bay link I recive this message:

Whoops! I can't find the page you're looking for.........

is there some problems with B&B again or what.
I thought the curvature of the blade would help with the curvature of the face. I got a nice test shave out of it and figured whoever bought it would too.

Bwah ha haha..... that's not mine.
It passes the one true measure of shave-readiness, the HHT, so it's GUARANTEED to give a great shave.

With a little work, we could probably get a backhoe to pass the HHT.
eBay exSpurt.
Classic example of heavy finger pressure on the middle of the spine.
Just about make a hawkbill knife out of it, hehe.
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