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Hair Removal

Like a lot of guys I am finding as I get older the hair on my back and shoulders has got thicker.Can anyone advise me on how best to remove it ?

Cheers Alan
shaving your own back can be a mission. My back isnt very hairy yet but when the time comes I'll be waxing it off.

If you're looking for a permanent solution, laser is it.

small fix in that laser is considered "near permanent"... most patients will not get 100% permanent hair removal (at least that's what they eventually tell you). However, you will get substantial reduction that will last over time (with possible touch ups needed). Depending how many treatments you go for, hair color/texture, hormone levels, etc. You can end up with just "peach fuzz" or some stray hairs here and there. YMMV, of course. But, it's as close to permanent as you can get.
There is a many method to hair removal in body. Here I tell to you some good method to remove hair in body. You can do shave and remove your hair. You can do wax and laser. Through laser you can easily remove hair on body.
Laser is expensive, and I've heard it can scar. Granted, that's only a rumour, maybe someone here can comment on this.
I highly recommend pulling, any way you can. Wax is probably the easiest, but I've no experience with that. I pull the hairs on my shoulders, nose, and a few other places. I have a small needle nose pliers that I've always used for this. I have my wife pull the hairs on my back. But, for some reason she doesn't like doing this so usually she just cuts them when she cuts the hair on top of my head.

Some places on my body, pulling hairs never hurt, surprisingly. Some places it hurts like nothing else I know of (especially between the eyebrows). But, the more I pull it, the less it hurts. Some places the pain goes away completely, other places I still get moderate pain. Honestly, pulling back hairs feels good; not sure why.

I have found recently that my hairs are getting brittle and pulling them isn't working. They tend to break off real short rather than pulling out. And that makes it near impossible to try to pull them again. So, I've been considering wax, but I would like to find out how to make my hair non-brittle..
It really depends on the growth cycle of your hair, if you want 100% hair removal, if you are prepared to go have it professionally done, want to do it by yourself or can have someone help you.

I do wax my legs, myself. The result is never 100%. There is always patches of hair left, that I shave since waxing twice in a row leaves my skin very upset. Waxing your own back yourself could prove very tricky, if not impossible. So, if you want to wax, go to a professional. However, for me, that is a waste of money since it last perhaps a week or two because of the growth cycle of my hair and then I have to let it grow to a certain length again before being able to redo it.

Laser can scar, yes. And not every person can get a laser treatment. If I remember correctly, people with red hair can't use that kind of hair removal. Before getting a laser, if you can afford it and want it, read up on the clinic you are going to properly, read up on laser in general, ask questions etc.

Shaving with an electric or an epilator might work if you want to do it by yourself though my bet would be one of those put on and wash off creams like Veet.
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