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Greencult 2.0 review

I can now report that adding up to 5 blade shims to the IV plate continues to increase the efficiency quite a bit. I usually shave ~8-8:30 am and I can start to feel some stubble by ~4-5 pm, but I am still quite smooth right now at that time. The shave didn't really feel uncomfortable at all, though you can feel the blade a lot more. Shaving with it super steep keeps it efficient while saving your skin discomfort. I am very surprised by these findings... I really didn't think there was anything to be gained from a very large gap, but the steep angle advantage really makes a difference for me.

This has me seriously looking at the WR2 1.55. I've replicated that gap, but not sure how close I've gotten on exposure or blade angle, but I think it's a good indication that I would get along with that razor. Though the GC 2.0 IV with the shims has me pretty happy at the moment.
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