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    Today I tried Got 2b Glued and I was amazed at the holding power of this product. I tried it at the suggestion of @tylehman and I was surprised how it held my generally unruly handlebars in place. A small dab brushed into my whiskers, shaped to desired curl and then blow dried and presto, my mustache stayed in place all day. I think I could hang teacups off my handlebars!! You should be able to find it at your local drug store. Not sure how much it costs...I borrowed my son's container. A small dab is all you need so a full container will last a long time. Even though it says water resistant it does come out with shampoo and warm water.
    Got 2b glued.jpg
    Disclosure: I have no connection to Got 2b glued. I am just one very pleased guy with a handlebar mustache!
  1. glad it worked so well for you. sometime when it is really working well you should post a picture.

    i think that the tube is under $10 and will last longer that a tin of wax. it surly works well, when you have some time to let it set. it may not be the one to go to if you need a quick touchup to keep your stache out of you food when you are a restaurant, but if you use it in the morning you probable wont be having that issue anyway.
  2. if you like that try the G2Bg ultra it is clear and goes on a bit easier, but every bit as strong
  3. Thanks for the tip...I will look for this in stores.
  4. it is in a black tube just like the yellow
  5. You are right about how effective G2b is, especially for the long and unruly whiskers. I like to use it in the summer months when even the tackiest waxes can't fight off the droops...
  6. Thanks for the tip on Can You Handlebar, Heckle. I just checked them out. They have a great website, and I really like their mission statement.
  7. I use got2be glued on my mustache too! The stuff is great, I've tried waxes before, they are OK for winter. But with a black mustache, they all melt in the summer sun.

    You may also want to try got2be phenomenal styling cream, if you like pomade.
  8. I got some göt2b glued "spiking glue" yesterday, on sale for $4.99 CAD in my local pharmacy.
    By golly, it works fairly well. I think half of the appeal is that you get a lot of product for your buck, so I don't hesitate to use lots of it.
    It feels like a creamier version of Clubman mustache wax, maybe slightly thicker than toothpaste when it comes out. It dries similarly too, going from soapy to sticky to stiff, but it takes longer. I think that's an advantage because you get more time to work it into shape.

    I was not successful in getting an English style handlebar because the ends persisted in curling or corkscrewing. That's not so bad, and I can work on the English later.

    I was successful in getting the "part" under my nose to stay parted all day, with the hairs pointing out to either side and not drooping down, even when drinking coffee.
    I know what you mean. I tried bending it in the evening before my shaving prep shower, and it just snapped back into place.
    During that experiment I eventually found that I could separate some of the hairs and flip them around, so that I had handlebars curling up and another pair curling down. Hilarious effect, but forgot to take pix of it. Then I flipped them back up again.

    No problem washing it out though in the shower though.
  9. I've had good luck with Axe hair pomade. I've used it for photos. Not as stiff (sounds like) as G2BG, or at least my version, which is the "Clean Cut Look".
  10. There's a Got2b product for the hair on your head that's pretty good - Got2b PhenoMENal - Thickening Styling Cream... it has a light/medium hold, bit of shine, and a nice powdery clubman kinda scent.
  11. I realized i should come back and clarify my post above....that's a styling cream for the hair on your head...i wasn't suggesting that you use it on your beard or mustache. Just thought i'd mention it here since you were talking about the Got2b brand.
  12. The one the thread is about is intended for hair, not facial hair. To some extent though, hair is hair :)
  13. the other thing to look for is the got2bglued hair spray. with that you can make any shape if you have a long enough mustache. spray it on your fingers and wet a part of you mustache, then hold how you want it to say and use a hair dryer on low to make it set in about 10 seconds. re apply and repeat until you get the look you want. this can deffinantly get you strait points in an english styled mustache. you apply several layer. in the end it looks dry and the hairs just stay in place.

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