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Goodwill razor ID?

So I acquired a razor off the bay. From all appearances it is a new improved Goodwill razor, from 31-32.

I've researched it further and now I'm not sure it is even a Goodwill, or if it is a mix & match as it is a 3 piece.
Razor came in the Goodwill original box with a few spare blades even.
From what I can tell all the Goodwill razors had a bulb end on the handle, though this does not. This also does not have diamond posts, but round posts, and no slot head.
Is this the 160 head mentioned occasionally?
Any direction would be helpful. No serial numbers or marking other than the diamond Gillette stamp and MADE IN USA.



The Goodwill box is probably worth more than the razor. Interms of shaving, It is probably fine, since the handle does not need to match the top. Lots of old types ended up with broken (split) handles, so adding the solid handle to the old type top was a cheap way to fix a favorite razor.
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