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Goodfella's Smile Bayonetta, a closer look

I recently received the Goodfella's Smile Bayonetta. To be honest, after looking at the razor in recent posts, it looked like just another brass razor with nothing new to offer. Last weekend, after a couple of cocktails, I got online and made an impulse purchase:a17: When I received the razor and opened the box, I new within just a few minutes that there was something different about this razor. Here are my observations for better or worse.

The first thing I noticed was the curvature of the cap. It bends the blade similar to a Fatip or RazorRock BBS.
Left is the Fatip, Middle Bayonetta, Right RR BBS.

all 3.jpg

When I removed the handle to disassemble the razor, I noticed the handle is counter bored by 1.25 inches. I also noticed that the base looked narrower than other razors. Also note the lather slots are obstructed by the blade bed. I am guessing that this is necessary to provide a solid blade purchase while maintaining the narrow width.
Left is a Game Changer .68, Middle Bayonetta, Right Fatip.


When assembled, the cap of the Bayonetta looks like it might also be narrow like the base plate but when I compared razor caps, the Bayonetta cap is basically the same size. Optical elusion I guess.
Left Game Changer .68, Middle Bayonetta, Right Fatip.


Did I mention the color? The pictures I have viewed online don't capture the true color of this razor. It is a brighter yellow than any of my other brass razors. I would guess polished, the Bayonetta would look like true gold. I took the Bayonetta out for its first shave today and found it to be a well balanced razor with little blade feel. It was easy to handle and provided a good shave. I will need additional shaves for a better evaluation. At this point, what can say for certain is this is a unique razor, unlike anything I have used recently. I am also looking forward to what this razor will look like when it starts to develop some patina. Thanks for reading and Happy Shaves!


Cool and slimy
Seems it bends the blade down a lot more than the others, while not having as much guard from the baseplate under the blade.

Regarding color, might be the same modern smartphones do to some colors. For instance my smartphone always wants to brighten my rather dark colored British Shorthair.
Here is another thread with a few forum members weighing in on the tazor.

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