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Goodfella OC vs Merkur open comb head (OC)

Which razor head feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

  • Goodfella OC razor head

  • Merkur open comb (OC) razor head

  • They feel equally aggressive to me

  • I haven't used both razors

  • I'm not sure

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Which razor head feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

- Goodfella OC razor head
- Merkur open comb (OC) razor head
- They feel equally aggressive to me
- I haven't used both razors
- I'm not sure

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This is the 27th, companion public opinion poll towards creating a B&B Modern Razor Aggressiveness Scale, ranking the currently manufactured razors on a scale from 1 to 10. Please see (and also share your own list at) this page for more information:


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(this poll)

Thank you!
A heads up:
Links to my prior Polls that involved I Kon razors (see lists above) no longer work.

While I did obtain prior consent from two moderators before including these razors in Aggressiveness Polls, other (all volunteer) moderators did some housekeeping last night without reading the related moderator notification that was intended to exclude the Aggressiveness Polls from the ban ... and so most of my polls involving the banned vendor have been closed and/or effectively accidentally deleted.

It sounds like the vendor truly deserves the general ban, and to avoid the risk of further wasted time (and added confusion), I'll be excluding I Kon razors from future Aggressiveness Polls and eventual Ranked List. Sorry for the inconvenience to those of you who voted in those specific polls, and for the confusion that this may continue to cause future readers of this thread and related polls.

Please note:
I would prefer to keep the Aggressiveness Polls and threads free of banning discussions and controversy. In my opinion, blame the vendor who's actions necessitated their general ban. There is an official post regarding banned vendors if you would like more information:

I didn't vote I wanted to but my vote would needlessly skew the results. I no longer like Merkur razors...
This poll closes tomorrow. As is, we have only 4 votes ... not really enough to peg the the Goodfella with any accuracy. Please vote if yo have experience with both razors!
Final results are inconclusive. 3 for Merkur OC and 1 for the Goodfella razor being the more aggressive. My best guess is that the Merkur OC >? Goodfella ... But with such a tiny sample size we can't say that with any confidence.

Thank you though to the 4 B&B members who did vote! I'm sorry that this specific poll did not yield a usable result....
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