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A comparison of RazoRock razor heads: Game Changer .84 SB, OC, BBS A, AS and Wunderbar

I only have the Lupo DC and the GC .84 sb plate and I wouldn't call them very aggressive at all, especially the GC.
Exactly. And the Wunderbar is less aggressive than the .95 side of the DC, really. It's very smooth and nice to the skin, it has some potential to bite and cut deep, but it isn't aggressive. It is very much inspired by the very mild BBS series caps and plates, but twisted and modified.

The R41 and the Blackbird OC would be somewhere far above the RazoRock scale. :yikes:

I also wonder about the Game Changer .84 and the .68. Apparently people can find the .84 SB too aggressive, but the .68 much more to their liking. I definitely wouldn't go milder than BBS A, I can buff with this one forever already.
Hey, wonderful posting, loved reading it and your impressions! :thumbup1:
RazoRock BBS Standard plate ~ A plate < BBS AS plate ~ Lupo 95 < Game Changer 84 Open Comb < Wunderbar
That's interesting! I use the Lupo DC, so I have the .95 SB and .72 OC side. Both are funnily quite equal, they are a bit different, but I would have wished rather for a quite other way around .72 SB and .95 OC combo.

I don't like the BBS AS much, I get better results out of the Lupo DC. Unlike the Lupo the AS also bit me and I got a worse result. I like the A plate more, as this one allows me to buff with reckless abandon.

For the Game Changers, the .84 OC is my favorite plate. The JAWS isn't much different, but due to the wider spacing offers some risk of injury. Basically, don't be like me and go sideways on your chin, the wider teeth will cause the razor to lop off some skin. One could argue this is a closer shave than with the OC, but well...^^

The whole posting was started because I felt the Wunderbar is ... misunderstood. My only gripe with it is that it is so silent and gives little audible and tactile feedback. It is a marvel how close it shaves. I pull it down and the stubble is gone. I still sometimes almost blink in disbelief. The Wunderbar made me start trying the BBS razors, not the other way around. But they are very much similar, a bit more audible feedback, but not enough. They don't come close to the efficiency and shaving quality of the Wunderbar. But few razors do. With a lot more effort I can get this result from a Blackland Blackbird OC. I can also get a very good quality out of the Timeless Slim OC, but it is a much more involved shave. Which I actually don't dislike. It's almost a bit frustrating how easily the Wunderbar does it.

As blades for the Wunderbar I like the Gillette 7 o'clock Super Platinum (the black one). I also liked the BIC and Nacet in it before, with the Nacet being more predictable, the BIC and Feather being a bit sharper, but lacking some cushioning. If you want to add blade feel, BIC and Feather. The Gillette Black ... I just read you also tried it and compared it with the Nacet. Yeah, I didn't use the Blacks until recently and am very much taken by them, too. I think they are a bit more cushioned than the Nacet, but outside of India they sell for much more than the Nacet. I saw the Indian price in Rupies inside after importing them, that was a bummer. So much cheaper. A difference to the Nacet which I find annoying is that every Black I had so far had the tabs a little bit more exposed on one side of tab exposed razors than the Nacet or any other blade I own, which I found a bit irritating. But I only noticed this after loading it in my Timeless Slim, which has exposed blade tabs. In general I prefer them closed.

I bought a chinese copy of the Wunderbar and it will hopefully arrive soon. Can't wait to see if they can match the original. For once their price is not a fraction but almost the same as the original. I also have a GC .84 SB clone which seems to have a slightly higher gap and a bit more blade feel. But it's a very minute difference. It will be interesting to see how well they can copy the Wunderbar, which according to Razorock requires quite some manual finishing by hand, which isn't the case for their other razors.
@Iridian Have you tried the Merkur 37 slant?
If so is it in any way similar in feel to the Wunderbar?
Yes and no, it isn't a good comparison. The RazoRock German Slant is a Merkur Slant copy, the Wunderbar has entirely different DNA. I also can't quite comprehend that the 37 rubbed you the wrong way. If you still have it, maybe give it another go with another blade. A few years ago there were few slants, before iKon and RazoRock and Fatip's LoStorto. When you compare the 37 to the 34 it might indeed be more aggressive, but that's s very mild baseline used for comparison.

See how you like the BBS A, and if you like it, you can think of the Wunderbar again. But don't forget, ATT and iKon also make slants. They are just rare. A pity! You can also look for inspiration in the latest Slantember thread.

But let's see how the BBS A does work out.
I have/ owned RazoRock :
Game Changer 84 Open Comb, BBS Standard, A, AS plate, Lupo 95 and Wunderbar.

Out of all these Game Changer 84 Open Comb is my favorite razor as it resonates with my 'stype' of shaving.

I can adjust to very mild shaves when used with Voskhod or Gillette 7 O'clock Black blades or go a bit more efficient when used with Gillette Nacet or Feather blades.
I got a really close shave with Feather blade and Game Changer 84 Open Comb, that hasn't yet been trumped yet.

BBS Standard is a very good razor for everyday shave, a short lived BBS shave and absolutely no irritation even when I'm being reckless, that is something to be cherished.

BBS A plate works well with Gillette Nacet blade but doesn't cut at all with the Voskhod blade and I mean it literally.

I fit the BBS A plate with Voskhod and went over the stubble area 3 times and it didn't even bothered the stubble area!

I switched to Wunderbar with the same Voskhod blade and got a smooth shave. It wasn't the closest shave but definitely a very clean, comfortable shave.

BBS AS plate is entirely different story, it is comparable to the Game Changer 84 Close Comb and I can see it being possible.

It loses some of the smoothness of BBS Standard razor in favor of the efficiency and that can be used for our benefit by using a smooth blade like Gillette 7 O'clock Black blades, Gillette Nacet or even Voskhod will work in the AS plate.

Coming to Lupo 95, it was a disappointment of sorts.

I got a chance to use Lupo 95 and initially I was very excited about it but later on I found no variation of closeness with different blades.

It would give a close shave with Nacet but not a closer shave with Feather blade. Gillette 7 O'clock Black blades gave comparative shaves and Voskhod was hopeless.

Shark Super Chrome blade was the best match with Lupo 95 but i couldn't get it at that time, and later on I totally lost the interest.

I sold off the Lupo 95 recently in favor of keeping my Game Changer 84 Open Comb.

Lupo 95 in my experience is too well behaved to provide variable shaves with different blades, at least in my case ie less blade feel to take advantage of the sharpness criteria of the blade after certain level of closeness in shave.

Wunderbar, ah it is a beautiful beast, totally unassuming and yet gives me the best shaves every time.

I find it becomes rough with Feather blade but with rest of the other blades it performs smoothly.

It is a practical, autopilot and no fuss razor and honestly speaking the best well behaved razor in my rotation.

In my experience out of the RazoRock razors that I own the efficiency level would be:

RazoRock BBS Standard plate ~ A plate < BBS AS plate ~ Lupo 95 < Game Changer 84 Open Comb < Wunderbar

I may seem like a drunk because I put the Lupo 95 behind Game Changer 84 Open Comb. That's because I can get better shaves with a Feather blade and GC84 OC.

My entire razor rotation comprises of RazoRock razors and they are excellent vfm products for me.

Agreed @Medivh
Anything less than BBS AS is a recipe for disappointment when you prefer efficiency over safety.

I was disappointed with the Lupo 95 even though this razor has impressed a lot of fellow gentlemen here and elsewhere.

YMMV comes to mind as I trust each of the praise about the razor was honest opinion and the company put it at the top of efficiency chart for some reason.
You are most certainly not drunk. The .95 Lupo is not as efficient as the .84 OC or the .72 Lupo OC. Both of which I prefer over the .95.

I would even rate the .72 Lupo OC slightly higher than the .84 OC.
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