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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Rusty Blade, May 27, 2019.

    And the doctor is still alive?
  1. True confession. I've been sneaking the occasional small cup of coffee. (Dont tell anyone). And it is to die for. And no ill effects. I realize how much I miss coffee. My cup is a bit bigger than an espresso cup and smaller than a regular cup. Probably holds 1/2 cup. I am afraid my once in a while foray back into coffee may send me on the slippery slope to 6 cups of espresso again.
  2. I'm so blessed. I have numerous? heart issues since birth? but caffeine has little or no I'll effect on my heart rate/rythym. I had an ablation years ago after a mitral valve replacement. But I now only drink maybe 2 cups per day.

    Stay strong brother! Coffee in moderation has lots of benefits.
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    Here's hoping you can continue to enjoy! It's just a matter of learning to love that small but cherished cup now and then.
  4. This is what I have always believed. The biggest benefit for me is the absolute pleasure drinking coffee brings!
  5. It is amazing how good that tiny cup of coffee tastes.
  6. Amen. And if that's all the benefit you get, who cares?

    I had a nursing instructor who recommended we drink a cup of coffee, and she'd hand out bite sized chocolate candy bars on exam days! Musta worked, cuz I was too dumb to pass on my own strengths...
  7. 3-6 espresso' s while reafing a paper?
    I always drink two cappucino's in the morning.
    With my single espresso's that makes 6 single shots on a day.
    I feel good with that.
    Going over that results in a higher heartbeat count.
    All.about knowing your max.
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    I love coffee. But I've had to switch to one cup of decaf per day. Somehow regular coffee causes an arrhythmia of my heart.
  9. I am sensitive to artificial ingredients in chewing gum. Honestly, check it out to see if you are too. Phenylephrine? I think that's what got me last time.

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