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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Rusty Blade, May 27, 2019.

    I went cold turkey, as I was not yet anything close to a nurse, and had no idea it was a drug. Terrible withdrawals.
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    I am down to just 1 cup in the morning. I used to drink coffee all day but now in my mid 50’s and my stomach gets angry with me.
  2. Good luck and enjoy tea
    Maybe you Will save some money and improve whatever symptoms you had
  3. I’ve always been a fan of tea, but have always loved coffee. Anymore, if I have more than one coffee, I get stupid anxious. I have no idea why, I used to drink coffee by the pot! But then, there was a time I could eat anything I wanted without gaining weight too. Everything changes I guess.

    That’s all to say i’ve transitioned to mostly tea from my beloved coffee as well. It’s doable, but when I do drink coffee, it’s a cappuccino. The milk makes it easier on my system for me.
  4. Often times one does not know the caffeine content of what they are drinking. Instant coffee, espresso blends, lower priced coffees often have some degree of Robusta coffee and the caffeine concentration can be high (higher than expected). My understanding is that not only does Robusta have a higher caffeine content, their is a lot more variation across different plants. Making it harder to predict.

    A few weeks ago I was traveling and visited a new coffee shop and had a large Americano a couple of days in a row. I am a big coffee drinker and this stuff gave me the jitters. The flavor was not that good and I suspected it had a high concentration of Robusta. On the third day I went to a different shop and the coffee was "normal"... better tasting and only good caffeine side effects.
  5. I'm curious as to why coffee disagrees with you - both regular and decaf? And how tea is a solution, since it also contains caffeine?

    I stopped drinking regular coffee years ago because I can't take caffeine. So for the same reason I gave up tea. However I enjoy three cups of milky decaf a day made as well as I can with fresh beans in my Mazzer grinder and Gaggia espresso machine. No problems I know of. Good decaf has been a real solution for me. But not for you it seems?
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    Pu-er Rusty, now that the shu is on the other foot.
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    Good luck, my Dr. has told me to cut out coffee too. I haven't, but I think he's going to come down harder on my weight than my caffeine.
  8. I am not sure that it's the caffeine. I think it's more the industrial strength brew I used to make taking a toll on my stomach...among other things I eat and drink. And with tea I only have one cup, not the 5 or 6 that I usually have when I drink coffee.
  9. Maybe high acid level of the brew?
  10. Could be...not sure. My body just started reacting to coffee. Once I cut it out I felt much better.
  11. I worked in the hospital trenches for many years and relied on coffee to get me through the late shifts. Since I switched to tea about 15 years ago I feel much calmer and relaxed, even though I drink tea all day and into the evening. Sleep quality is better now, too.
  12. I did enjoy coffee but it would give me the runs, real bad.So I’m a tea person
  13. Hope you're still doing better and finding some good substitutes for the coffee you enjoyed. Never cared for coffee myself. I'm more of a sweet iced tea kind of guy.
    Tried Dandelion Tea yet?
  14. I am generally okay with regular tea. I am not a fan of herbal teas or even green tea. Plain old orange pekoe is fine. Surprisingly, I am doing fine without coffee. I enjoy it vicariously through others in the coffee shop. I still like the smell of coffee.
  15. Now this is one thing I have sleep is much better.
  16. I had a bad case of the flu several years ago and after I recovered coffee tasted terrible to me. I drank nothing but hot tea for years but luckily I’ve recovered and enjoying coffee once again.
  17. Good luck to you! I was having pretty bad acid reflux and nausea, so gave up coffee and other acidic foods for about 2 weeks. It helped tremendously and now I try to drink no more than 1 cup a day and do just fine. Should I have to do it again for another reason, it was difficult, but not worth sacrificing my health over. Wish you all the best and hope it really helps with your health if you must give it up!
  18. We are probably coming off the same boat. I was just too fond of coffee and over the years 6 large cups a day took toll on the stomach lining. I never had any health issue but the coffee intake just pushed me 'on the edge and fidgety' which added a dimension to my mental well being i was not comfortable with. I went cold turkey on any type of coffee but I still enter any coffee shop that has a bookshop or reading corner to take in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
    It has been 5 years and without coffee i find myself much more collected and calm than before. Over the time I came to appreciate finer and subtle flavors of tea as well.
  19. Yup. That was it for me as well.

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