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Ginger or Mary Ann

Ginger or Mary Ann

  • Ginger

  • Mary Ann

  • Why be choosy? Variety is the spice of life.

  • Who are Mary Ann and Ginger?

  • Lovey

  • Little buddy

  • Art is King.

  • That guy on Love Boat!

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Maybe this has been covered, but what are your thoughts? Me, I'm greedy.


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Normally, I'd say Mary Ann. But, hey it's a desert island, Thurston has his hands full, the professor has his toys, and the Skipper & Gilligan - well let's not go there.

So someone has to step up to the plate and make sure both ladies are *ahem* enjoying island life, let's say.
I pick yellow, Mary Ann, girl next door.
Mary Ann and Ginger...

while I watch.

When they're done doin' their thing, they come over and do my (ahem) :thumbup:

Ironically, the real Walt Whitman would be wholly uninterested in the entire proceedings.

The funny thing about this whole concept is that most of us have thought about this, I mean really analytically, thought about this, several times during our lives. In the real, scientific, objective, serious way that only the man-brain can achieve when approaching the metaphysics of banging fictional characters.

Point is that we have all drawn this out so far in our own heads that when it comes time to reply to a post like this we have to spend much more time thinking about what NOT to say than answering the question. Hence the short pithy replies.

Oh. Right.

I think that the mods, by introducing the term "little buddy" into a "Ginger or Mary Ann" thread, are accessories before the fact.
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