Gillette’s heated razor.

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  1. So I guess it's the opposite of the Braun Cooltec razor.
  2. All of my razors are heated.
    They get that way by being left in the sink of hot water while I take a shower.
  3. Pepin

    Pepin Ambassador

    Another gimmick from the marketing department.
  4. RealPretendPsychic

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    Is this really any better than hot water? I liked the flexball razor, but I’m not sure about this.
  5. This from the company that made a vibrating handle for carts.

    Hard pass for me.
  6. Ron R

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    Not sure how this is going to work with cold water shavers. Watch all the other brand name razor MFG chasing to catch up to this razor new standard of cartridge razors. Plastic cartridges do not retain heat like my vintage metal DE razors when run under hot water in the sink.:p:confused: (K.I.S.S keep-it -simple -shaving)
    It sure looks space age from the photo.:thumbsup:
  7. Is it April already again? I mean this has to be joke, is that the best they can come up with?
  8. Unbelievable.

    King Camp must be turning in his grave. I too have a heated razor. It gets heated every time I dunk it in my warm shave water to rinse off the soapy lather.

  9. Not impressed, what makes me crinch is that there is gonna be guys waiting in line and swinging their wallets wide open and auctually thinking “this is it, the ultimate shaving machine!” :thumbdown

    Meanwhile I am here thinking, what soaps and aftershaves and couple of razors can I buy with $150, and maybe a gift for SWMBO with whatever money is left?
  10. Agreed. I mean, whomever decides to buy one- enjoy! I won’t be throwing my name in the hat. I love this hobby for the lack of shortcuts.
  11. I think I’m just as disturbed at the ridiculous concept as I am at the fact they want to crowdfund it...really Gillette?
  12. Is this an April fools joke?

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  13. Interesting, innovation never stops.....

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  14. I see a products liability lawsuit coming Gillette's way.
  15. bobmsp

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    It’s a gimmick. They’re not actually going to fund anything - just a trendy sales channel.

    Oh and by trendy I mean a middle manager’s idea of trendy.
  16. What will they think of next?
  17. I agree, Gillette probably has boxes full of unrealized prototypes because either they were too crazy or just plain stupid, a big company like that spend big bucks on “research and development” which is in itself stupid, why dont they just ask people who shave what they want or need on a razor. Period, but on the other hand, people like to spend money in “new and improved” wether it works or is just a piece of junk and Gillette knows that, I think of Gillette not as a razor making company, is more as a marketing company, which in the end is all about making money out of thin air, and they are good at it!
  18. This is yet another silly gimmicky razor and at $150 that’s just a complete insult to the consumer. I remember when the vibrating Mach 3 came out, I bought one but it was also only like $10. I’d buy this if it was under $20 just because it’s gillette and because they USE TO MAKE great razors.
  19. This thread made me smile and somewhat nostalgic. In the mid-70s I bought my dad a shaving cream heater from the base exchange (i.e., store on an Air Force base) for Christmas. Dad liked gadgets, and he disliked shaving, so I figure he would be as wowed by this new-fangled technology as I was. Dad did not serve up platitudes or niceties, so his truly underwhelmed/unimpressed opinion of my gift came in loud and clear. I remember him using it once -- added too much time to his shave, and apparently the cold lather from his canned cream was not the reason he disliked shaving. I couldn't find a pic of the one I remember giving -- the picture in my head is way cooler than the one I'm including below.

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