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Gillette with Long Handle?

I'm very new to DE, roughly a week, but already I'm not digging the short handle of the Merkur 1904 I bought for "everyday" use. I know I can buy a long handled Merkur, and may well do so, but thought I'd ask and see what models Gillette offered that had long handles. Thanks!
I'm no expert, but I think the Slim adjustable had a longer handle, as well as the 70s black adjustable.

The Superspeeds and Techs have short handles, just like your Merkur.

I saw that Pureslab (a B&B denizen) sold a Tech with a longer handle that he apparently made for it. It looked beautiful. I don't know whether he has plans to make more of those handles, or to sell any more.
The Super Adjustable (longer than a Slim) has a very long handle, as does the Knack which is very close in length. But, the longest of the handles would go to the Lady Gillette! It is very similar to the Super Speed in performance.
You could also also buy a custom handle for your Merkur 1904.
Why not just get a custom handle for your 1904? That way you can swap out the handles depending on your mood. I can highly recommend Bob's Razor Works (His new Bull Mastiff Handles look awesome!). There's also Elite Razor--haven't tried them, but the pix I've seen look great. Or you could PM Pureslab to see if he has any more of his "Gripper" handles like kingfisher mentioned (from this B/S/T post. I scored it, and Im looking forward to it!)

Here's a pic of my Bob's Razor Works Ebony handle on my Goodfella Satin Black, my Bob's Razor Works Long Barberpole on a replated NEW, my 1969 Gillette Super Adjustable Long Handle, along with my 1918 Gillette Old Style to give you some perspective:
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if you don't just have to have a gillette you might consider a look at a schick krona! one of my favorites!
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