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Gillette Silver Blue Blades

Antdad1969 and I did a blade swap a few weeks ago and I received one of these Gillette Silver Blue Blades. I'm not sure where they are made but they gave a superb shave and kept going for about 5 days. These are well worth a try. While I'm partial to the Yellow 7 O'Clocks, Crystals, and IP Reds, these are an excellent option. While I have not purchased from this site, they are available from a UK vendor who unfortunately can not be posted publicly.

Have fun and thank you Antdad!
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They also pop up on eBay from time to time.

I may have to give them a shot sometime. Right now I have a bit of a back up on blades.
If the UK vendor is for "naught", I don't see them currently on the site. He had them marked as discontinued a while back. Is there another vendor who has these?
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