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FS Gillette E1 Fatboy, Symmetrical Pottery Custom Shave Bowl, Other

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Greetings everyone.

I am down to the final pieces in my effort to be road ready in retirement next Summer. I thought I might as well get used to a very minimalistic shave den and the three items I have for sale today are special (well 2 out of 3 anyway).

Up first for your consideration is a newly re-plated Gillette E1 Fatboy in mirror nickel. This razor was in near perfect condition when I sent it in to Back Roads Gold, which when returned, created a like new end product that you see in the following pictures. It really is like new and I have not used it since it was returned from the recent re-plating. Asking $100 CONUS.


Up next is a personal favorite that is really hard to let go, but it will not be traveling in my suitcase, so it has to go. This custom sized pottery bowl is to me the coolest bowl I have seen on B&B in the nearly 3 years I have been a member (sorry, that's just the way I feel). The bowl interior circumference is 4.5" wide at the top and it stands 3" high from base to top. This bowl will not give you the absolute dreamiest of lathers, but it is ideal for getting a lather started for face lathering and it just looks great. It took 5 months to have this made and delivered and it was worth the wait. Asking $75 CONUS.


The last item (Other) is a perfect candidate for a re-plate. This Gillette Pre-War Tech is just looking for someone to have it brought back to life. Asking $10 CONUS (yep, just $10). My other Gillette Pre-War Tech is re-plated in satin nickel and is one of 3 razors that I still currently own. It is that good.


As always, thank you for your consideration.

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