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Gillette cool wave is underrated

Ive always had a bottle in my aftershave
collection and i use it every now and then. I was quite indifferently to it initially since i thought it dried out my skin more than I liked. This is was during my days of using canned shaving gels and foams though.

Ever since I started using soaps and creams with brushes, It’s grown on me. I enjoy the scent and dry skin doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

I get the impression that it isn’t as popular or as well received as other aftershaves though. Or is it just me?

Let me know your thoughts.

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I have a bottle and used it this morning as a matter of fact. I really like it. It's a clean fresh scent. Not overpowering.
Can't speak to its popularity but I always have a bottle in the house and it's my primary reach in cold weather because it's one of the few the wife likes. Just splashed some on this very morning. It's a moss bomb on me, and that's fine.


In my rotation as well, although I must say the wife doesn't like this one. I use it on work days when I know I won't see her for a good 8 to 10 hours.
I have 3 bottles of Gillette aftershave: one is called Storm Force (or Gillette Blue), made somewhere in the EU, the other two belong to Gillette Series: Arctic Ice (Bold) and Cool Wave (Fresh), both made in France. I'm from Europe, so not sure what do you have in the US. All three are among the best smelling aftershaves I have, like good quality colognes, way above their moderate price point.
I noticed recently a new packaging (at least on the cardboard box) for Gillette Cool Wave in the supermarket aisles. Must buy this one too.
I picked up a bottle not long ago. I like it.
It tends to come out of the bottle in liberal amounts, though.
As does mine. I hold my thumb over the opening and only allow a little to drip out into my hands. Otherwise i'd be swimming in the stuff.
I have no experience with it but I think any lack in popularity may be related to it being of the newer scents. In short, it's not traditional.

That doesn't mean it doesn't smell good nor perform well.

Use what you like. Many roads to Rome.

If you like Cool Wave then buy a bottle of Lomani Pour Homme EdT as it's dirt cheap and one of the greatest men's "sleeper" frags ever made. Thank me later. ;)
I'm on my 3rd bottle. The great thing about the bottles is that they are great to re-use for decanting..

In fact, I have one full of Clubman Special Reserve.
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