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Gillette British 'Aristocrat' #15 & #22, SR from 1906 + extras

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I have to make some room in the cabinets, so hopefully these items can find a new home. Prices includes worldwide tracked shipping and PayPal fees. Should you desire more pictures of some of the items I can always provide that. All razors are clean and ready to shave with.

1) Gillette 'Aristocrat' #15 - 2.gen razor (150USD) - Decent case. The overall plating on the razor is great although missing on a couple of spots. The doors do have some scratches. TTO mechanism works great.

2) Gillette 'Aristocrat' #22 - 3.gen razor (125USD) - OK case. The plating on the razor is great. A bit of plate loss on the inside channel. TTO mechanism works great.

3) 'Single Ring' from 1906(100USD) - Restored case. A bit fragile but holds together and is secure. Razor in decent condition. One crack is present. With a little plate loss on top cap.

4) Ever-Ready (30USD)
5) Probak (20USD)

When buying two of the first three razors you can choose either 4) or 5) for free. When buying buying 1,2,3 you can get both 4 and 5 for free.

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