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Gillette Aristocrat Vintage Razors

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1)Gillette Aristocrat #66 specimen A, 4.gen razor = 245USD - Very nice razor and case.

2)Gillette Aristocrat #66 specimen B, 4.gen razor = 160USD - Very nice razor and decent case.

3)Gillette Aristocrat #22, 4.gen razor lighter model = 160USD - Nice razor and decent case. The razor has a little spot on one of the safety bars and the ends of the cardboard shipper have fallen off although they are inside it.

4)Gillette Adjustable Aristocrat = 285USD - Unused wedding gift from 1964.

*Besides the razor you will also receive 8 packs of modern blades and 5 highly regarded vintage ‘Aristocrat’ blades should you have the interest.

**The ‘Tech’-razor is for free for anyone who wants it when buying another razor.

***Prices includes international tracked shipping(from Denmark)

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