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Gillette 7 O'clock Blue, Russian or Czech?


There has been a great deal of discussion about the Gillette 7 O'clock blades and deservedly so because I have found them to be outstanding performers.
My question is about the 7 O'clock Blues. I have both Russian and Czech Blues and have not found a great deal of difference between them. I have not used the Czech blades as much but the few times that I have, I found them to be very good. For those of you that have used them, what is your experience with the Czech Blues and how do you compare them with the Russian Blues? I thought that I read somewhere that the Czech Blues have been discontinued or at the least, hard to find. I would be interested to hear about your experience with these fine blades.


I've been wondering the same thing. I thought they were originally made in Czech, then Russia yet one vendor says originally made in Russia, now made in Czech. I found an older thread here which couldn't seem to agree which plant is closed, Russia or Czech. I just received 15 (Dark Blue) Russians from one vendor. Only used it once so far, but if I decide I want 100, I'm wondering which to reorder.
razorsdirect sells russian blues 100 for 56 bucks.. then you have rb&m selling 100 for 30.
I think one is selling russian and the other czech.
I didn't know that dark blue 7 O'clock blades came from the Czechs. What I did know was that P&G bought up blade manufacturers in eastern Europe, closed them down and moved manufacturing to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Three well-known brands now from Russia are the formerly Czech Nacets (which may be now manufactured by Gillette in China; in Shanghai, I guess), Iridiums (from Poland at first) and Perma-Sharp, which were a Turkish product.

I am confuzzled ... :huh:
Wow! That surely goes ATG! :blushing: I hope to try these blues before the year is out.

I thought it was strange too. I actually ordered the Russian blues and recieved the Czech blues. When I wrote him to find out what was up he informed me that the Russians are no longer being made.
In September of 2009, before I officially joined B&B, I recall reading a couple posts regarding Czech made Blue 7 O'clock blades. At the time, the blades appeared to an unknown.

See the original thread here. The quote below is from Sept 2009.

Another member here (local to me) found some blue (as seen in person) super platinums that were made in the Czech Republic.

I bought my first Russian made 7 O'Clock Blues back in Oct of 2010, original thread here. They were and still are great blades.

In April of this year, this thread was one of the first to mention Czech made Blues again. Back in May of this year I bought 100 Czech made 7 O'Clock Blues, shown below.
I find them to be just a good, perhaps just a bit smoother, as the Russian Blues. I too thought the Czech plant had been closed. But if they're being produced there again
I might have to buy a few hundred more. For me, they are great blades.


I just received the Czech blues from razor blades and more. He informed me that the Russian blues had been discontinued.

Dan, do your blades have the same info on the box as the ones shown above?
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... as always, is in the eating. :001_smile

If it's a good product, fairly priced, then I want it. :thumbup: Also, now I have another country-of-origin to list when I sort through my "on-hand stock". :001_cool:
The Gillette 7 O'clock Blues that I have do have the same info as Xillion posted above.


I just went and checked one and it does have wax. Seems to be not as much as the Russian blades I have used but it was only one so I can't say for sure.
I just loaded one this morning and did not remember any wax so I went to check another blade and there was no wax on the inner pack on that one either. Great shave this morning with this fine blade.


My Czech 7 O'clock Blues have wax spots on one side of the blades--or at least the blade I checked this morning and bought a few months ago. Ordered another hundred from Razor Blades and More last week. They are my favorite blade with a nice balance between sharpness and forgiveness--at least for a first year DE user.
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