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Getting ready for my first straight!

Well, I've been here at B&B for about 2 months now. I've found some great DE's since switching from electric, I'm up to 6 now, and I thought I'd give straights a go too!

I've ordered my first straight on the B/S/T and have my "Barber's Friend" coming from TM as well.

I've ready through Joel's sticky, and tried searching the forums, but have a question.

How many shaves do people find just stropping will keep their shave ready blade before a touch-up would be needed on say a pasted paddle strop? I know this would change as per the steel, humidity, handedness, the color of your eyes, the car you drive etc., but is there a ball park?

If all goes well, I'm sure I'll be purchasing a paddle strop and some pastes from Tony. From what I've ready that should keep me good as long as I'm starting with shave ready blades. And I'd be adding a nice collection of straights. Traveller I'm looking your way :drool:

Feel free to let me know if this is not the way to approach straights as a noob.
You don't really need to use a regular strop and a pasted strop. You could just use one for about 6 months (as an estimate of course) and then get your razor rehoned...
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