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gem jewel- why jewel?

I see people calling the gem/ever ready Streamline the "Jewel".
Why is that?
The name I've seen on the ads it the "Streamline". Is the Gem branded one called "Jewel"?
The Streamline is one of the best, possibly the best razor I own.

I own two complete sets, here are some pictures:

And here's a single razor. I don't own it, I just have a picture.

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Here are some photos of my Gem Jewel. I love this razor - a lot of heft to it. It is quite aggressive and demands a lot of attention, but gives great rewards. I can't compare to anything else - this is the only SE I have tried (so far...)
Is there a difference between the models (streamline and Jewel) they look the same to the untrained eye (mine that is).

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