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Gem and Injector problems

I have a NWC fixed head injector and a GEM G-bar, neither of which I am getting a particularly good shave with. I used a Ted Pella injector blade and a store bought Treet GEM blade. With both it feels like there is a lot more pulling than cutting, and with both the stubborn hair on my chin and neck never get cut. I just ended up reducing down to minimum stubble and then whip out the Merkuer to get down to BBS. For GEM and injector fans any suggestions? Has anyone else run into the same problem?
I think the problem may be different with the two razors. Less prepared to comment on the NWC, but from what I've heard, a lot of people find it very very hard to get close with that razor just because of the way it is built.

As for the Gem, I had some trouble with the G-Bar as well. Have yet to go back to it, and instead have worked with the Micromatic. I think, though, that perhaps the problem there, especially if you are feeling tugging, might be the blade. I've been using the Ted Pella Gem blades, and one thing I certainly do not feel is any tugging. These things slice like there's no tomorrow.

If you wanna try them, drop me your address, and I will mail you a couple.
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