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The First Annual Sue Moore Day Celebration at B&B

This coming November will be the one-year anniversary that we here at B&B lost our dear friend, Sue Moore, to breast cancer. Prior to her passing, Sue was the recipient of the B&B Merit Award and as a part of her award, we here at B&B proclaimed October 19th (the date Sue was inducted into the Merit Award Gallery) to forever be Sue Moore Day at B&B.

So join us this October 19th to commemorate the life of one of B&B's most beloved members when we celebrate Sue Moore Day with.....

:a6: "THE B&B AUCTION" :a6:

Come on down and bid on items that have been generously donated to B&B in honor of Sue Moore Day. Here is a preview of some of the items that we be available at the B&B Auction.

Auction lot#1

Created and donated by Rudy Vey a commemorative brush-


Auction lot#2

Members donation- the B&B LE AP Edison Fountain pen in Black/Blue Ebonite & a bottle of B&B 5 O'Clock Shadow ink.

Auction lot #3

Donated by West Coast Shaving-
A Dovo "Astrale" Ebony Round Tip 5/8 straight razor


Auction lot #4

Donated by BullGoose-
HL Thater porter brush 4292/3


Donated by Malaspina-

Triple delight shave soap

Donated by a member-
User grade Super speed

Donated by a member-
Mandom after shave

Auction Lot # 5

Donated by members-

NIB Eagle brush
Refined shave soap made by our Sue


Auction lot #6

Donated by a Member-

Refined After Shave and Soap made by our Sue

Donated by West coast Shaving-

Nib Eagle Brush

Auction Lot # 7

Donated by Queen Charlotte Soap Company-

Auction Lot #8

Donated by Rudy Vey-

B&B Rudy Vey 2011 B&B LE prototype

Auction Lot #9
Donated by a member-
A beautiful full size 1911 Sailor FP with a 21 Karat Music Nib tuned by John Mottishaw.

Auction lot#10

Donated By Wendy of Saint Charles Shave-

Donated by Garry's Sample shop_

Auction Lot # 11

Donated by Dave Martell-
A complete kitchen knife stropping kit

Auction Lot #12

Donated by Neep-

Soapstone Brush

Donated by a member-
NOS Seaforth Soap & Mug

Auction Lot # 13

Donated by a member

2011 Rudy Vey LE #1


Auction Lot #14
Donated by a member


Action Lot # 15
Donated by Wendy of Saint Charles Shave

Auction Lot # 16
Donated by a Member

Auction Lot "Night Owl"

Donated by Benton Clay


Auction Lot "Early birds"

Donated by a member


Auction Lot "Pretty in Pink"

Donated by Indy Pen Dance


All the proceeds raised from the B&B Auction will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help them in their fight against breast cancer.

So come join B&B in celebrating the life of Sue Moore and be a part of the B&B Auction to help raise awareness and funds for a wonderful cause.
Bidding will start at 9:00 7:00 AM eastern time on the 19th October.

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How do we participate?
How does the auction work?
When do the bids close?

Thanks, good cause!

You will be able to participate by placing bids on the items you are interested in.

The auctions will end 24 hours after they open.

At least that's my understanding of what is going to happen.


Fridays are Fishtastic!
we have some generous members and vendors. Never thought I would say that a pink shaving brush looks good.


Pretty Pink Fairy Princess.
Goodness gracious sakes alive. Sweet.

Major bills paid...check
PayPal account active...check
Nothing on BST I want...check

Ready and rarin' to go.


I wanna be sedated!
Staff member
Holy Shaving shahoopla Batman!!

This is going to be the auction to end all auctions. I can not wait to see this one unfold.
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