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Fusion precursor


I posted this in the test forum as well, but for those of you who didn't see it there; I present for your consideration the Safety Razor's answer to the Gillette Fusion. Fiendish marketing ploy, or inspired genius? You decide:lol:
Once again this is another obscure razor going for big bucks. Is it just me or does anyone else find this slightly odd? I suppose I can understand the value a collector might place on the sterling razor (it is pre 1920 after all) or even the museum grade toggle that was offered, but even if I was a collector I wouldn't pay that much for this monstrousity! You could get a 195 for the same money.

EDIT: I finally figured out how to post a link. Hooray for me.
To me it looked more like a Da Vinci concept drawing. Knowing how difficult I find it to shave under my nose with a Futur or a Vision, I can't imagine using this thing. Also, in order to get all 5 blades in contact with your sideburns you'd have to shave off a good sized chunk of your hair as well! Utterly insane.
Dang, up to 521.56 now, and the reserve STILL hasn't been met. Maybe Reynoldsart should start looking at buying and reselling THESE.
Now we know where Gillette gets its ideas from!

At least if they were going to reinvent the wheel, you'd think they would 'steal' from themselves. :wink:

There is absotively, posilutely no way that 'italian job' would get near my face-much less the bathroom. :117:
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