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FS: Starter bundle C&E BBB + 40s SS (price drop)

This is a repost of an attempted sale from a couple months ago that I didn't keep up on other than checking notifications. Will try to keep adjusting prices so everything can go.


C&E best badger brush. If not mistaken, I believe it's 21/53 knot/loft, identical to the EJ BBB. Bought in 2012, used on and off for about 2 years, then cleaned and put in storage. Sheds the rare hair every now and then, but seems to have quite a bit of life left. Soft brush, low backbone. Still face lathered okay for me until I splurged on a new one.

Gillette superspeed (1940s pre-date code, I believe). User grade condition, brassing on the bottom of the head, good finish otherwise. Good razor, I just have ones that work better for me now.

Nearly full (95+%) Tabac and Arko pucks. I very hopefully tried the Tabac about 10 times before deciding that this is very much a case of YMMV for me. Tore my neck up every time. I didn't mind Arko's scent, but it was the same story. I also have very hard water, which might factor in. Soft tallow soaps work well for me but these triple-milled tallow bricks don't. Both come in Pyrex (I think) dishes that make great lather containers!

Would like to sell all together. Happy to include a few razor blade samples if that helps. Unsure about pricing, for now asking $50 shipped ConUS.




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