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FS: DE Blade Sampler Packs

I hate to take away from John's good business here, but I have some blades that I got from a sampler pack that I have no use for. Anyone want the lot for free? I'll even pay for shipping.

Here's what I have:
8x Israeli
9x Derby
8x Merkur

PM me if you want them! Sorry, I won't break it up.

Mods, feel free to delete this post if it's against the rules.
Hi Laz. On my site, I sell only the Derby's in the sample packs due to an arangement with the US distributor. PM me if you want more details. Thanks for the interest!

Thanks for the sample pack John.

I am going to break in the Crystals tomorrow
Thanks for the fast shipping! Now I have enough Red Personnas to last me...well, for a while at least. And, I am really looking forward to trying out the Crystals.
Yeah, I found John to be very professional and was very pleased with the service. I did not order the sampler pack but did get a large quantity of Personna's and Crystal's.
The West Coast Shaving FAQ lists the following order to try blades:

Red Pack Israeli
Swedish Gillette/Wilkinson Sword (UK)

The extended pack I just got includes the Swedish-equivalent UK Gillette blades and a pack of BIC Chrome Platinum blades (made in Greece). It's easy enough to figure out when to try the Gillettes, but I presume that'd be a FAQ for people who don't read B&B. Where do the BIC blades fit in the rotation, though?
Try the BIC blades around the time you try the Derby/Crystal/Red Pack Israeli. Guess I need to update the FAQ!
Another Bump.

Just ordered my Sampler Pack Extended. Much better selection than amazon. Looks like all the blades I've heard about on here s filler. Thanks.
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