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found my first english gillette's. im very excited

well today i was in a town that i dont usually go to and decided that i wanted to check out the local antique shops. my wife found all of these razors before i did :001_tongu first place we went to she found a red tip. i looked at it and asked what the lady wanted for it and she said $1 since i was in my military uniform. my wife was going to walk to the car to get a buck cuz i didnt have one and the lady said dont worry about so i got it for free. :) the last place we stopped at had a little razor section and i saw a little milady which got me excited. i looked at it and it had the made in england stamp on it. i looked up
mr-razors site before buying it cuz i wasnt sure about it. i also got a open comb new made in england that still had the little card board cut out that was put in the place of the blade when bought new.

i dont have pictures so for now ur gonna have to deal with it lol. pics pr it didnt happen... alex attacking me with spot... yotta yotta :lol: ill post some pics as soon i get home which will be tomorrow night ish. im gonna try to stop at a couple more antique stores tomorrow so maybe i will get to post a few more razors along with the english ones :blush:
ok FINALLY have pictures to post. after looking at the milady again i think i have a franken razor. it only says "made in england" there isnt a gillette stamp on it. oh well i have a "made in usa" stamped OC bottom plate (correct for that time) i can put on it making it a usa made milady :(.
here is the before


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and the after


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